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Robert Flynn Hired at Artesia Agricultural Science Center

LAS CRUCES -- Robert Flynn began work Sept. 1 at New Mexico State University's Agricultural Science Center in Artesia as an assistant professor.

Flynn, an agronomist, will work with local farmers to determine irrigation schedules and proper fertilizer use to increase crop production. He will also study waste management practices for dairies and soil fertility in crops.

"There is an advantage to the 'newness' of dairies in southeastern New Mexico," Flynn said. "We are able to take a proactive stance to problem solving and predict problems before they occur, based on the experience of others."

Flynn plans to determine whether waste water and manure from dairies can be beneficial for crop production and, if so, how much can be applied. "We don't want it to become a salinity management problem with the salty soils in that area," he said.

Dairies are under strict government regulations for waste water management. Most facilities use evaporative lagoons to dispose of the waster water from their milking parlors.

He hopes to develop a recycling program for the waste water where it can be mixed with fresh well water and used for crop irrigation.

Flynn comes to New Mexico from Auburn University where he received his doctorate in soil science in August. At Auburn, he conducted research on benefits of fresh, composted and commercial fertilizer for corn production. "I think my experiences there will help solve similar problems here," Flynn said.

The Denver native received his master's degree in agronomy in 1990 and his bachelor's degree in agronomy in 1986, both from Colorado State University. He was president of the graduate student organization at Auburn and was nominated as Who's Who Among University Students.

Flynn is the author of two refereed publications; one regarding lettuce response on composted litter and multiple cropping, and the second involving a system for crop nutrient management.

Flynn's goal is to meet as many people as possible within the first year. "I want to meet crop producers, dairy operators, Extension specialists, waste management people and anyone else involved or interested in these areas," he said.