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Clayton Field Day Focuses on Feeder Cattle, Locoweed Research

LAS CRUCES Ð Research about feeder cattle health and locoweed problems will highlight an Oct. 2 field day at New Mexico State University's Clayton Livestock Research Center.

The center's research focuses on issues important to area cow-calf operators, stocker cattle producers and feedlot managers, said Bobby Rankin, head of NMSU's animal and range sciences department.

During the field day, Clayton researchers will present results of recent studies about preventing shipping fever, a disease that affects beef steers transported to feedlots.

"They're working with various treatments and medications to avoid the weight loss and death loss that come from shipping fever and the associated respiratory problems," Rankin said. "We'll be reporting on whether these treatments work as effectively after cattle have arrived at the feedlot as they do prior to shipment."

Long-term research on poisonous locoweed will be of interest to ranchers in northern New Mexico, Rankin said.

"This past year, the locoweed problem was more intense farther south and in the central part of the state where it had not been much of a problem before, so we've had more widespread interest in that ongoing research."

The field day begins with a free barbecue lunch at noon and concludes with a 4 p.m. tour of the center. For more information about the field day, call (505) 374-2566.