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NMSU To Host 2001 Onion Field Day

LAS CRUCES - New Mexico State University researchers will showcase onion research and new variety trials at a field day June 13 at the Fabian Garcia Research Center in Las Cruces.

Chris Cramer, NMSU onion breeder, will talk about new varieties of onions developed through the onion breeding program. The field day will highlight these new varieties and compare them to those developed by private companies.

Bob Bevacqua, vegetable specialist with NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service, said the goal of the onion breeding program is to develop new onion varieties to help farmers extend the harvest season.

"This gives New Mexico greater strength in the national market. By planting these new varieties, the harvest farmers can begin their harvest in June and extend through August," Bevacqua said. In June and July, New Mexico supplies about 60 percent of the nation's fresh onions.

Joe Corgan, professor emeritus who established NMSU's onion breeding program, and Marissa Wall, NMSU horticulture professor who researches and develops specialty onions, will also speak at the event.

For more information on the field day, contact Bevacqua at (505) 646-7999.