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4-H Winners Claim Awards at Annual State Conference

LAS CRUCES - Top 4-H members from across New Mexico received awards and scholarships at a ceremony July 12, following a four-day State 4-H Conference at New Mexico State University.

Daniel AlderseBaes of Curry County and Stacy Costa of Harding County received $250 scholarships from NMSU's College of Agriculture and Home Economics.

The New Mexico Association for Family and Community Education awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Lindsay Gilbert of Curry County, $500 to Sam Lowry of Doņa Ana County, $500 to Jenna Hardin of Lea County, $500 to Steve Hefley of Doņa Ana County and $500 to Brenda Bryant of Santa Fe County. Lowry also received a $750 scholarship from the New Mexico Wool Growers and Bryant received a $400 scholarship from the Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

The top scorers or high-point individuals in 10 contests won $500 scholarships. Contest winners and their counties are as follows (HP designates the high-point individual for the contest):

Bernalillo County:
Hippology - Shianne Kornrumph, Jesse Pisel and Kali Benson (HP).
Home Economics Bowl - Kelly Horton, Leah Knipprath, Jody Gibson and Melissa Hart.

Chaves County:
Range management - Jessica Corn (HP).
Wool judging - Andrew Patton, Raquel Avitia, B.A. Corn and Clint Hopper.
Land judging - Clint Hopper, B.A. Corn, Dusty Winkler and Victoria Parkhill.
Fashion Revue overall - Tamara Rowland.
Fashion Revue coordinates - Tamara Rowland.
Entomology - Dusty Winkler, Tamara Rowland and Raquel Avitia.

Cibola County:
Archery compound bare bow - Justin Cook, Cauy Goar (HP) and Ryan Hiles.

Colfax County:
Archery traditional bow - Cameron Burke, Laura Lemons and Thomas Wortman (HP).
Traditional rifle - James Lark, Cameron Burke (HP), Laura Lemons and Thomas Wortman.

Curry County:
Livestock Skill-a-thon - Adam Malone (HP), Zane Drager, Stephan Wagley and Martin Mackenzie.
Crops judging - Jenni Williams, Ryan Belcher, Zane Drager (HP) and Stephan Wagley.
Consumer decision making - Kecia Bradley (HP), Zane Drager, Jenni Williams and Amanda Drake.
Horticulture - Ashleigh Simon, Josh Wooley, Melissa Johnson and Mark Gant.
Favorite foods - Brette Hadley.
Fashion Magic clothing coordination - Lindsay Gilbert.

Doņa Ana County:
Home economics presentations - Rachael Lindsay Thomen.
Agricultural presentations - Jeni Peterson.
Horticulture presentations - Rachael Lindsay Thomen (HP).
Archery free style unlimited - Jesus Miranda, Matt Ellis (HP), Sam Lowry and Leonel Miranda.
Fashion Revue casual - Rachael Lindsay Thomen.
General presentations - Steve Hefley.
Parliamentary Procedure - Phillip Martinez, Erin Barnard, Chrystal Spooner, Rachael Lindsay Thomen, James Fratzola and Candice Grooms.

Grant County:
Shotgun - Justin McCarty, Russell Mehan, Matt Travizon and Chris Chavez.

Hidalgo County:
Fashion magic wardrobe planning - Kasey Ward.

Lea County:
Horse public speaking - Shanna Hardin.
Dairy judging - Lindsey Worden (HP).

Luna County:
Public speaking prepared - Darby Hibner (HP).
Light rifle silhouette - Heather Anderson, Shawn Coplin, Garrett Hyatt (HP) and Joshua Lewis.
Fashion Revue formal - Katie Laney.

Otero County:
Wildlife habitat evaluation - J.W. McFarland, Leslie Abercrombie and Kammi Jones.
Air pistol - Chris Coley (HP), J.W. McFarland, Cody McFarland and Ryan Hollibaugh.

Quay County:
Horse judging - Brad Kirksey, Drew Perez and Tiffany Dowell (HP).
Shotgun - Clay Hight (HP).
Muzzleloading silhouette - Matthew Tixier, Danny Anderson, Chelsea Bader, Richard Abercrombie and Chase Runyan (HP).
Wool judging - Amy Byrd (HP).
Archery free style unlimited - Clay Hight (HP).
Dairy judging - Drew Perez, Tiffany Dowell, Marianna Brown and Denton Dowell.

Rio Arriba County:
Horse bowl - Katie Detwiler (HP), Stephanie Redman, Louisa Barrett and Kelsey Johnson.

Roosevelt County:
Dairy bowl - Halle Best, Cindy Legleiter, Jena Bilberry and Adrienne Coe.

Sandoval County:
Wildlife habitat evaluation - Michaella Gorospe (HP).
Fashion review dress-up - Dacia Pascoe.
Entomology - Michaella Gorospe (HP).

San Juan County:
Archery free style limited - Kevin Myers, Jacob Justice (HP) and Matthew Olguin.

Socorro County:
Range management - Parker Broadus, Kelsie Mounyo, Rhiannon Monette and Stephanie Finch.

Torrance County:
Livestock judging - Cole Gardner (HP), Sarah Dunlap, Judd Gardner and Kelsey Sours.
Meats identification - Erin McMath, Cole Gardner (HP) and Amy Walden.

Union County:
Public speaking impromptu - Todd Podzemny (HP).