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Tucumcari Bull Test Results, Sale Information

TUCUMCARI -- PB Cattle Company of Portales received high honors with the top three bulls at the 35th annual Tucumcari Bull Test in February.

The official weight gain test is sponsored by New Mexico State University's Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari.

"The bulls are weighed for two consecutive days and the weights are averages to minimize fill differences," said Ron Parker, Cooperative Extension Service beef cattle specialist and supervisor of the test. Weights per day of age (WDA) also was calculated for calves sired by the bulls.

Calves from the top three bulls, Simmentals owned by Mack Brown and Mike Parkey of PB Cattle Company, gained an average of 4.53 pounds per day. Calves from Grau Charolais Ranch of Grady and G13 Angus Ranch, owned by Greg Smith of Elida, also received honors for high WDA at 3.77 and 3.75 pounds per day, respectively.

"From the test results, we should have an excellent offering of bulls for the annual sale," Parker said. The sale is scheduled for Mar. 15 at 12:30 p.m. at the Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari. Lunch will be available at 11:30 a.m.

For sale from the bull test are 20 Angus, five Red Angus, two Santa Gertrudis, 10 Polled Hereford, 16 Hereford, 10 Simmental, nine Salers, three Bralers, three Brangus, and 18 Charolais bulls.