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Beef Breeding Seminar Set For Feb. I in Tucumcari

LAS CRUCES - The state's beef producers can catch up on timely information about their industry during a beef breeding seminar Feb. 1 at the Tucumcari Civic Center.

The seminar opens at 8 a.m. with registration, trade show visitation and introductory remarks. The actual program begins at 9 a.m. when Gary Donart, New Mexico State University range scientist, will talk about using Conservation Reserve Program land for grazing purposes.

Another lecture will cover the accuracy of expected progeny differences (EPD's) in predicting cattle performance, said Ron Parker, seminar organizer and animal resources department head with NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service.

"John Winder, an NMSU associate professor in animal breeding, will talk about how accurate the numerical estimate of an animalfs genetic ability for a particular trait is in predicting the performance of animals," Parker said. "That information is particularly important to buyers of breeding animals."

Other morning sessions include discussion of the Texas Ranch to Rail program and alternative marketing programs for calf producers.

Afternoon sessions include discussion of the New Mexico/West Texas cattle disease situation by veterinarians from each state, followed by an update on the New Mexico Beef Quality Assurance Program by Larry Foster, NMSU Extension beef cattle specialist.

The program ends with an open house for the Tucumcari Bull Test at the nearby Tucumcari Agricultural Science Center, where visitors can see bulls one weight period before the end of the test. The annual bull test identifies bulls tracked for 112 days with superior genetic ability for growth and feed efficiency.

"The open house will give people a chance to see the bulls and visit with the bulls' owners," Parker said. "It's kind of a pre-showing of the bulls before the end of the test and the sale on March 17 at the Tucumcari Agricultural Science Center."

The seminar is co-sponsored by Extension, NMSU's Agricultural Experiment Station and the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association.