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National, State Family Groups Take Aim at TV Violence

LAS CRUCES -- A national campaign designed to end television violence is urging parents to unplug their TV sets on April 5. The National Association for Family and Community Education and its New Mexico affiliate have begun a campaign called "Let Our Violence End" (LOVE) to prevent children from seeing too much, said Mary Ellen McKay, home economics department head for New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service.

"Research indicates that children's Saturday morning programming shows an average of 20 to 25 violent acts per hour compared with five violent acts per prime time television hour," said McKay. "I think it's obvious that there is a targeting of violence to a children's audience."

McKay serves as advisor to the state association and says parents can help the campaign by turning off their TV's for a full day on April 5.

"This campaign is designed to send a message to television network executives, to producers, to our policy makers in Washington and at the state level where they can have an impact to what is seen on television that American families are tired of this amount of violence and they will quit watching television if it continues," she said.

Parents can make a pledge to tune out television violence by calling 1-800-625-6391, toll free. For more information about the New Mexico Association for Family and Community Education, call your county Extension office.