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ConocoPhillips investing in NMSU students

A recent $22,500 donation from ConocoPhillips to the New Mexico State University College of Business is just the latest in a series of annual gifts from the energy company meant to broaden opportunities for both faculty and students. ConocoPhillips delivered the check during the annual NMSU career fair.

ConocoPhillips recruiter Maria Schick, second from the left, presents the company's annual gift to Garrey Carruthers, NMSU College of Business dean, Liz Ellis, finance department head and Larry Tunnell, accounting department head. (Submitted photo)

"ConocoPhillips has a long history of doing business in New Mexico as well as recruiting students from New Mexico State University," said Maria Schick, a ConocoPhillips recruiter and director of commercial development and planning. "We recognize NMSU cannot continue to provide high caliber graduates and a dedicated staff without corporate sponsorship; therefore, we make contributions to universities to keep their programs improving to meet the needs of today's business world."

The money is used to support various departments in the College of Business. The department of finance uses the money to offer scholarships and to buy specialized software for faculty and students to use.

"The ability to offer scholarships like this helps us attract and retain highly motivated students to our program," said Liz Ellis, head of the Department of Finance. "When we talk to employers, they tell us that our student's familiarity with industry-specific software gives them a real competitive edge when they are compared with students from other schools that don't offer this experience."

Schick is just one of many former NMSU students now working for ConocoPhillips.