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Helpful business information is now just a phone call away

Knowledge is power, especially in the world of business. Whether a small business is already well established or yet to get off the ground, New Mexico State University's Arrowhead Center wants to help by providing important business information with the Arrowhead Business Dataline. Anyone with a question about state, or local economic or business conditions can simply call (575) 646-7460 or send an e-mail to data@arrowhead.nmsu.edu for an answer.

"Accurate and timely business information is critical to the success of small business," said Jim Peach, co-director of policy analysis for Arrowhead Center. "Too often, small businesses don't have the resources to find the data they need. Examples include demographic characteristics of markets and income levels and workforce data. This kind of data is essential to developing business plans and investment strategies."

Arrowhead Center is a nonprofit organization owned by NMSU. It specializes in fostering economic development in the state of New Mexico through various operations. Experts at Arrowhead Center's Entrepreneurship and Small Business program will provide data and projections on a variety of business-related topics in response to Business Dataline requests. Information on current or projected demographics throughout the region, employment and industry data as well as labor force statistics will also be available. Questions and answers that are not company-confidential are later published under the Policy Analysis FAQ page at http://www.arrowheadcenter.org.

"Businesses that don't know the economic and demographic characteristics of their own market often make the wrong investment decisions and incorrectly spend advertising money," Peach said. "The right information can really mean the difference between making it and not making it."

Peach said small business is vital to the state of New Mexico. While there is no agreed upon definition of what a small business is, nearly 90 percent of businesses in the state have fewer than 50 employees.