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Yates Petroleum gives $500,000 to help establish NMSU's Domenici Institute

Yates Petroleum Corp. has donated $500,000 to help New Mexico State University create the Domenici Public Policy Institute, named for retiring U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici. Once established, the institute will provide a location for scholars to research the senator's work in various fields and provide insight and guidance to pressing issues.

"Few people have had the kind of impact that Pete Domenici has had on the state of New Mexico," said Garrey Carruthers, NMSU vice president for economic development and chair of the Pete V. Domenici Legacy. "Once complete, this institute will become both a treasure and a valuable resource for the state."

The Domenici Institute will be the first of its kind in New Mexico. It is part of the Pete V. Domenici Legacy, a statewide effort established by NMSU to celebrate his historic tenure in the U.S. Senate and to preserve his contributions for future generations. Domenici will retire this year as the longest-serving senator in New Mexico history.

"Senator Domenici has been a dedicated public servant to the nation, to the people of the state of New Mexico and to those in Artesia and Eddy County," said Peyton Yates, a director on the board of Yates Petroleum Corp., an Artesia-based energy company. "The Domenici Institute will be an advocate for the issues central to the senator's beliefs and will be a resonating force for the application of sound science to national environmental policy. The Yates families in Artesia are backing the institute to help assure its success and the legacy of the fantastic public service of Senator Pete Domenici."

The institute will give researchers from universities around New Mexico access to the Domenici Archives to study the senator's contributions to economic development, energy, the federal budget, national security, natural resources, behavioral health, nuclear nonproliferation and other topics.

"We are hopeful that our contribution to the Domenici Institute will encourage others to do likewise," said John Yates Jr., who also is a director on the Yates board.

Other elements of the Pete V. Domenici Legacy include digitizing, preserving and processing the Sen. Pete V. Domenici Archives; constructing the Pete V. Domenici Building; and hosting the Domenici Public Policy Conference.