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Southwest Indian Livestock Field Days held in Pinetop, Ariz.

PINETOP, Ariz. - Native Americans from New Mexico, Arizona and the Southwest will gather May 28 and 29 at the Southwest Indian Livestock Field Days at the Hon-Dah Resort, Casino and Conference Center in Pinetop, Ariz.

"We join efforts with University of Arizona and the Southwest Indian Agricultural Association every other year to bring useful information to the Native American livestock producers in the region," said Kathy Landers, New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension McKinley County program director and in Gallup.

The Southwest Indian Agricultural Association, founded in 1987 as a not-for-profit organization, promotes the future of agriculture on reservations.

"This year we have a wide variety of topics that the organizing committee feels the participants will benefit from," Landers said.

Topics will include:

•Herd health by Scott Bender and Glenda Davis, Navajo Nation veterinary program.

•Calf weaning management by Bob Kattnig of University of Arizona.

•Equine dentistry by Davis.

•Pest Management by Jon Boren, NMSU Extension wildlife specialist.

•Bull selection by Manny Encinias, NMSU Extension beef specialist.

•Handling vaccines for proper injection by Peter Cuneo of University of Arizona.

•Arizona reservations to rail program by Grey Farrell Jr., Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture Extension agent.

•Sheep quality assurance by Ray Castillo, Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture Extension agent.

•An overview of climate variability and impact on rangelands of the southwest by Leeann DeMouche of NMSU and Michael Crimmins of University of Arizona.

•Health fair and equine dentistry demo by the Navajo Nation veterinary program.

•Community emergency response and food safety by Billy Dictson, director of office of bio-security at the Southwest Border Food Safety and Defense Center housed at NMSU's College of Agriculture and Home Economics, and Willis Fedio of NMSU's bio-security program.

•Drought and range health and invasive weeds by Sam Smallidge, NMSU Extension range management specialist.

For more information about the Southwest Indian Livestock Field Days visit www.swindianag.com.