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NMSU Extension's publication series provides information on diabetes

LAS CRUCES - You just learned you have diabetes and now you're wondering how it will affect your lifestyle.

People with diabetes can turn to New Mexico State University through their county Cooperative Extension office or NMSU's Web site to learn about the disease and how to live healthy with it through a series of publications entitled "Control your diabetes for Life" put out by the College of Agriculture and Home Economics.

Authors Karen Halderson, Extension diabetes education coordinator, and Martha Archuleta, Extension food and nutrition specialist and chair of the Family and Consumer Sciences department, have recently completed updating the series of 15 circulars discussing various aspects of living with diabetes, including a newly designed nutrition series.

"As diabetes has increased in our society, our Extension offices began receiving requests for information," said Archuleta. "As we developed our Extension education program we realized there are a lot of sources for information on diabetes, but not all are written for the lay person. We felt there was a need for a series of articles that people recognize as credible since it comes from NMSU's Extension service."

Halderson said the two-page articles contain basic information that will help someone newly diagnosed with diabetes to understand how the disease will impact their life.

The Control your diabetes for life series include:

•What is diabetes?
•Who gets diabetes?
•Healthy living with diabetes.
•Navigating the health care system.
•Know your numbers.
•Diabetes medications.
•Coping with diabetes.
•Exercise for people with diabetes.
•Preventing complications.
•Healthy feet.
•Choosing foods at meals and snacks.
•How to read a nutrition facts label.
•What about sweets?
•Keeping heart healthy.
•Diabetes food guide pyramid.

"The nutrition series is information we teach in our Kitchen Creations classes where we teach people how to plan meals and cook for diabetes. Some Kitchen Creations teachers handout the Control your diabetes for life circulars during their classes," said Halderson, who coordinates the classes that are taught by home economists in 26 of the 33 counties in New Mexico.

The publications may also be obtained from the NMSU Web site at http://www.cahe.nmsu.edu/pubs/_e/ under the diabetes series category, circulars 569-A through 569-J and 631-A through 631-E. The publications are also available in Spanish. You can also contact your local county Extension office for more information.