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NMSU program prepares students to work on relationships

Students looking for an exciting and profitable career can find it in New Mexico State University's Marriage and Family Therapy Program.

"Every student who wants a job, finds one when they leave this program," said Robert Del Campo, director of NMSU's Marriage and Family Therapy Program. The program trains graduate students to work as counselors in the field of marriage and family therapy. "This is a lucrative career with starting salaries in the mid to upper $40,000 range. Someone with this degree could gross more than $4 million in their career."

Del Campo founded NMSU's Marriage and Family Therapy Program in 1989. More than 120 students have been trained so far.

"When I arrived at NMSU I realized a lot of the courses needed for a MFT program were already being offered. There was very little change needed to start this program," Del Campo said.

With 35 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, Del Campo certainly knows a thing or two about relationship advice. He says when it comes to relationships, it's important for men to think like women.

Del Campo describes men, in general, as being more pragmatic than women. He says men see a challenge and immediately want to devise a solution and attempt to resolve it. On the other hand, he says women tend to be more in touch with their feelings and prefer to talk through issues first.

"The main idea is to put yourself into your spouse's or significant other's shoes, and think of something she would really like," Del Campo said. "The trick is to be empathetic to your spouse. Show your wife you are thinking of her and what she likes."

Del Campo often recommends simple gestures to let a significant other know you are thinking about them. "You could take the afternoon off from work to cook. When she comes home surprise her with dinner and a glass of Champagne."

NMSU's Marriage and Family Therapy Program can only accept six students a year. Those students must complete coursework as well as a supervised yearlong internship. Once students graduate, they receive a temporary license. From there, they must practice for two years under someone with a full license before earning independent licensure.

In recent years Del Campo has been active in helping regulate the profession by serving on the New Mexico Counseling & Therapy Practice Board.