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NMSU professor elected president of international insurance board

New Mexico State University finance professor Tim Query has been elected president of the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, an organization with an international membership of academics, executives, researchers and government leaders who share ideas and engage in collaborative research for the benefit of the insurance industry.

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Tim Query, finance professor at New Mexico State University, has been elected president of Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, an organization whose members share ideas and engage in collaborative research for the benefit of the insurance industry. (NMSU photo by Ben La Marca)

Query, who joined NMSU in 2006 as an associate professor in the College of Business, is the first NMSU professor to serve as president of APRIA, which was founded in 1997.

“This provides international exposure to New Mexico State University,” Query said of his new role at APRIA. “I have had dozens of meeting attendees ask me about NMSU and the Southwest, as their knowledge of that area is limited.”

Query joined APRIA in 2009 and later served on the group’s Board of Governors. Before completing his three-year term on the Board of Governors, Query decided to run for a leadership role on the executive committee. He was elected secretary in 2017, progressing to vice president/program chairman of APRIA’s annual conference and vice president of operations and finance. In August 2018, Query was elected president of APRIA. He will serve a one-year term.

“In the risk management and insurance discipline, there are a limited number of academic organizations,” Query said. “Becoming an officer in a regional or a national RMI organization is quite an accomplishment since the opportunities are so few, and even more so for an international organization such as this one. Frankly, I was thrilled to be elected to the Board of Governors and thought that was as far as I would get within the leadership.”

As president, Query’s duties will include assisting with the 2019 conference program, which will be co-sponsored by Sejong University and Konkuk University. His initiatives include reinstating the APRIA newsletter and focusing efforts to attract more international members.

“It’s my priority to keep APRIA and its conference at the forefront of members’ minds and to increase collaboration between academics and the industry,” he said.

At NMSU, Query will continue to teach a variety of insurance courses, including classes that focus on employee benefits, life and health insurance, and business risk management. He has also published articles on a variety of insurance topics.