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NMSU launches campaign to prevent violence

New Mexico State University is launching a campaign this weekend to empower students, faculty and staff to take action to prevent violence on campus. The program is called “STAND UP, SPEAK OUT.”

Graphic of active bystander actions
NMSU is launching a program to promote safety awareness on campus with a series of videos about active bystander training. The videos will first run during the Saturday, Nov. 3 Aggie football game and again during the Friday, Nov. 9 Aggie basketball game, along with social media channels.

NMSU’s Student Services partnered with KRWG-TV and the Associated Students of New Mexico State University to produce a series of 30 and 15-second videos detailing actions our community can take when they are faced with a potentially violent situation. It’s called “active bystander.”

“A bystander is someone there in the situation who sees what is going on and is in a position to act,” said Lori McKee, executive director of Aggie Health and Wellness Center. “An active bystander is someone who takes an action to stop harm.

“We want to get this message out to our students that they shouldn’t stand by and watch violence happen, there are tools they can use to stop it.”

The videos will be shown first at the Saturday, Nov. 3 Aggie football game and again next week Friday, Nov. 9 at the Aggie men’s basketball game along with a T-shirt giveaway.

“The campus community will come together at the basketball game in support of eliminating violence by wearing green,” said McKee. “The first 1,000 students at the game will get a ‘STAND UP, SPEAK OUT’ T-shirt. The team will support the cause by wearing the T-shirts during warm-ups of the game.

The videos feature Emerson Morrow, ASNMSU president, and Linda Cisneros, ASNMSU vice president. They promote safety awareness through active bystander participation using the three D’s to help intervene in a risky situation: Direct- do something yourself, delegate- ask someone to help, or distract - create a diversion.

“Violence will not be tolerated on our campus,” said Morrow.

The campaign is an initiative lead by campus leaders and students from the following units: Student Services, ASNMSU, Dean of Students, Wellness, Alcohol, Violence Education (WAVE), Athletics, Housing and Residential Life and Aggie Health and Wellness. Active bystander training is available by calling the WAVE Office at 575-646-2813 or email Aggie Health at campus_health@nmsu.edu.