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Power of the Past, Force of the Future, New Mexico 4-H Conference at NMSU to reflect on 4-H beginnings

Looking back at the foundations of 4-H, the New Mexico state 4-H conference this year will have a theme of “Power of the Past, Force of the Future.” On July 9-12, senior 4-H members will gather at New Mexico State University for four days of workshops, contests, dances and more.

Conference logo
The New Mexico state 4-H Conference July 9-12 will focus on the foundations of 4-H and how they can still be applied today. (Courtesy photo)

“The thought behind the theme is youth reflecting on how the 4-H program was first established in New Mexico in 1912, and how the lessons the youth learned then on leadership and projects are ones that can still be applied to the program as it has modernized with technology,” said 4-H Youth Activities Specialist Amy Zemler.

Rhett Laubach, a 2014 brain tumor survivor, will be the guest speaker at the conference Monday. “His experience has added a multitude of profound and powerful lessons,” to share, according to the state 4-H website. He has taught leadership skills for 20 years to more than one million audience members in 48 states, the Bahamas and Canada.

Other highlights of the event include many workshops, contests and the election of new state officers.

There will be a dance every night of the conference, including a “Blast from the Past” themed dance-off, a “Black and White Formal” street dance and a “Future Fun Dollar Dance” to support the new state officer team.

“The goal for the conference is for youth to strengthen their skills in dedication and teamwork by preparing for state contests as well as learning about leadership in the workshops offered,” said Zemler. “4-H members will then be able to take the skills they have learned home with them and apply them every day.”

For more information on the conference, please visit http://aces.nmsu.edu/4h/conference.html.