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NMSU to offer free Lamaze classes this summer

Expectant mothers looking for the extra confidence and support they need to prepare for childbirth can take advantage of free Lamaze classes offered by the School of Nursing at New Mexico State University’s College of Health and Social Services.

Classes will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. beginning May 30 through July 3. Pregnant women can register for the classes anytime between 16 weeks and 24 weeks, and must be 24 to 32 weeks pregnant by the first class in the series. A labor support person is welcome to accompany pregnant women to the classes, which will be offered at the college, located at 1334 International Mall. Free parking is available off Jordan Street.

The classes will be taught by nursing faculty who are certified as Lamaze childbirth educators, with the support of nursing students.

“This series is open to those parents expecting a baby through the summer to mid-September,” said college assistant professor Martha Morales. “The next set of classes will begin around the end of August when school starts again.”

According to lamaze.org, Lamaze childbirth education classes provide expectant women and their support person the information they need to feel confidence in their body’s natural ability to go through the birth process and make the healthiest decisions for their baby. The classes alleviate the fears regarding the birth process and help in the management of pain.

The classes will cover options, including medications, for attaining greater comfort during labor and birth. Lamaze helps the expectant woman and her support person work effectively with their provider to make decisions, which make them feel good about, and ensure, a safe, healthy and satisfying childbearing experience.

To register for the classes, call 575-646-8089 or email moralest@nmsu.edu.