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NMSU Honors College to host graduation ceremony

Whether it’s writing a novel, designing a prototype glider model, producing a film or researching bovine digestion, New Mexico State University Honors students have accomplished some substantial goals through the years.

Five such students will be honored at the Honors College graduation ceremony at 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8. The ceremony will be in the Honors College Commons Room.

Students who earn 18 credits in honors courses are eligible to graduate with university honors. They also must complete a senior capstone project or thesis. If their grade point average is above 3.75, they graduate with university honors with distinction.

Government major Kristen Lucille Sullivan and nursing major Jessie Margaret Velasco are graduating with university honors with distinction.

The following students are graduating with university honors: Maura Luz Guaderrama, philosophy major; Stephanie Ann Johnson, individualized studies major; and Rayvean “Ray” Moore, management major.

NMSU Honors College Dean Miriam Chaiken said graduating with honors makes the students more competitive for graduate school and for jobs.

“It shows the students didn’t take the path of least resistance, that they set a more ambitious goal for themselves and they achieved that goal,” Chaiken said. “And with senior capstone, they designed a project and they take ownership of that project.”

Moore has been participating in a unique class this semester entitled “Out of the Box: Job Creation.” New Mexico Rep. Bill McCamley has been teaching the class, in which 10 students have explored new avenues for economic development and job creation for New Mexico.

McCamley said two of the students’ projects – including Moore’s – will direct pieces of state legislation in January.

“Ray is working with the Border Industrial Association at the Santa Teresa Port of Entry to propose changing from a border authority to a port authority,” McCamley said. “There is no state with a land port authority right now, and it would be cutting edge as far as trade and economic development.

“Ray is a quiet person, but his input is intelligent, thoughtful and effective,” McCamley said. “Each student was required to present a topic, and he did very well teaching a class about financing a business.”

The Honors College Commons Room was converted to a television studio recently, as each student in the class pitched his or her idea on camera. These segments will eventually appear on KRWG TV.

To learn more about the Honors College, please visit honors.nmsu.edu.