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NMSU Kinesiology and Dance department recognized for 17th straight year

The Department of Kinesiology and Dance at New Mexico State University recently received a three-year recognition from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, marking the 17th consecutive year the department has received the recognition.

This month, NSCA officials determined the undergraduate Strength and Conditioning program, housed in the College of Education at NMSU, met the criteria recommended as an approved NSCA Education Recognition Program. The recognition is valid for a three-year period expiring Oct. 31, 2019. The recognition allows strength and conditioning students access to NSCA internships, assistantships and NSCA Foundation grants and scholarships, among other benefits.

“I believe the NSCA is the leading and premier organization associated with the application of strength and conditioning,” said Joseph Berning, program director for Kinesiology, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory and academic program director for NMSU’s Strength and Conditioning program. “In addition, I believe the NSCA leads the research world in bridging the gap between science and practice.”

Berning said he has seen an increase in students wanting to pursue strength and conditioning as a profession. He’s also seen more students studying strength and conditioning while pursuing careers in physical therapy, occupational therapy and other allied health professions.

“This has been an outstanding change that emphasizes the significance of strength and conditioning not only for athletics, but the fact that everything we do is strength related. In other words, the medical community could benefit greatly from incorporating strength and conditioning into their daily practice and our young inspired students are working to make this happen,” Berning said.

For more information about the Department of Kinesiology and Dance at NMSU, visit https://kind.nmsu.edu/.