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NMSU invites students to participate in public health emergency drill

New Mexico State University will be simulating a point of dispensing for the New Mexico Department of Health on Saturday, April 9 between 8-9:30 a.m. at the Pan American Center parking lot as part of a statewide public health exercise.

The event will involve people driving their cars through a specified area of the Pan Am Center parking lot to receive t-shirts and other giveaways, simulating a public health emergency in which NMSU may be asked to dispense medication in large quantities to the community.

The university is inviting students and any others who wish to participate in this public health response drill to enter at the University & Triviz entrance to campus and follow the route as directed by volunteers.

The first 100 students with NMSU ID will receive a free t-shirt. Others who participate in the drive through will receive other giveaways. All students participating will earn credit toward community service for ASNMSU funding and Greek Life.