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NMSU grads launch natural beard oil company with the help of Arrowhead’s Studio G

Two New Mexico State University graduates are trying to help their bearded brethren tame unruly facial hair with a line of all-natural beard oils.

Photo of a glass bottle next to grass and a pine cone.
C.J. Schero and Luke Dumke, both NMSU alumni, have started Big Top Beard Company with support from Arrowhead Center. Pictured is their Charmer beard oil. (Courtesy photo)

C.J. Schero and Luke Dumke, who hold marketing (Schero) and sound engineering (Dumke) degrees from NMSU, began Big Top Beard Company in November 2015. Schero and Dumke took advantage of the services offered by Studio G at NMSU’s Arrowhead Center to define their target audience, and are now selling their product worldwide via their website, www.bigtopbeardcompany.com.

“I didn’t hear about Studio G until my last year but once we got involved, the cogs started moving,” Schero said. “Luke and I were already in the product testing state once we were accepted, but Studio G helped define our audience and now we’re selling all over.”

Schero and Dumke describe their beard oils as “top shelf, all natural beard products made by hand.” They offer eight oils in various scents and a beard wax ranging from $25 to $30. The oils are based on hemp oil, which Schero and Dumke say closely resemble the natural oils the body already produces. Hemp oil also contains super omega-3 and super omega-6 fatty acids, which help maintain healthy hair and skin.

Schero and Dumke said the benefits of using their line of beard oils include maintaining the health of hair and skin cells, promoting facial hair growth, keeping facial hair from feeling too oily, conditioning facial hair for “optimum touch-ability,” and smelling great without the use of artificial scents or additives.

“Being that we (Schero and Dumke) are both bearded professionals, we were having trouble finding an adequate beard grooming product,” Schero said. “We needed it to both effectively tame our beards as well as smell pleasant.”

The need to tame unruly beards also sparked the company’s name.

“We played off of the idea of taming a lion’s mane, then moved from there,” Schero said.

For more information about Big Top Beard Company, visit www.bigtopbeardcompany.com.