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NM Shrimp Company makes waves at Fish 2.0 competition

A New Mexico sustainable seafood company receiving support from Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University made plenty of waves during the Fish 2.0 competition at Stanford University last month.

Photo of two men standing of front of a screen reading “Fish 2.0”.
Arrowhead enterprise adviser Dale Spencer, left, and New Mexico Shrimp Co. co-owner Tracey Carrillo attended the Fish 2.0 competition at Stanford University last week. (Courtesy photo)

New Mexico Shrimp Company, which is co-owned by Tracey Carrillo, assistant director of New Mexico State University campus farm operations, didn’t win a cash prize from the competition, but Carrillo’s pitch garnered the attention of more than 20 investors at the event. One investor is interested in building a new facility. Plans are already underway to build four additional facilities, targeting high tourism areas such as Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Denver and Austin.

“My 90-second pitch was perfect and drew the attraction of several investors and businesses,” Carrillo said. “While we did not place first we were able to make so many contacts and network with some key companies that will ultimately help mold and shape New Mexico Shrimp Co.”

New Mexico Shrimp Company was launched out of the Arrowhead Technology Incubator at Arrowhead Center. The company was one of 18 finalists to give a five-minute pitch to investors at Fish 2.0, and was named a runner-up in the post-revenue early state category. The competition put 37 seafood companies, including some from as far away as Chile and England, in front of investors and spanned almost a year, beginning in January with pitch preparation and moving through five phases prior to the final competition.

Dale Spencer, an enterprise adviser at Arrowhead who attended the competition with Carrillo, said he was “favorably impressed with the competition itself,” noting the hundreds of people and numerous investment opportunities present.

Carrillo and Spencer are now gearing up for the company’s first commercial shrimp harvest, set to occur in late December. The company has received so much interest from local restaurants and residents that Spencer expects the harvest to sell out quickly.