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NMSU’s Anderson earns National Achievement Award for New Mexico

Jeff Anderson, an agronomy and horticulture agent for New Mexico State University’s Dona Ana County Cooperative Extension Service, received the National Achievement Award during the National Association of County Agricultural Agents earlier this month.

A photo of Jeff Anderson attaching a rain gutting to a house.
NMSU Extension Agent Jeff Anderson, left, attaches a rain gutter to a water collection system during a Rainwater Harvesting and Roof Reliant Landscaping workshop in Las Cruces. (Photo by Darrell Pehr)

“It was a great honor for me to accept this recognition for the service to my community, especially because this is a highly competitive award,” Anderson said. “Only one award is given for the entire state of New Mexico.”

The National Achievement Award recognizes “exhibited excellence” in the field of Extension. Agents receiving the award must have worked with the Cooperative Extension Service for fewer than 10 years. Nominees must also be members of the state and national association the year they receive the award and have the approval of their state Extension director.

Anderson has worked with NMSU’s Cooperative Extension Service for the past seven years. He specializes in agronomy and horticulture, and routinely works with plant and landscaping issues. He has also hosted workshops on rainwater harvesting. He has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a master’s in horticulture, both from NMSU.