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KRWG director of broadcasting chosen to serve on national board

Glen T. Cerny, director of broadcasting for KRWG, has been chosen as secretary of the National Educational Telecommunications Association executive board of directors.

Portrait of man
Director of University Broadcasting Glen Cerny (photo by Darren Phillips)

NETA, based in Columbia, South Carolina, is a professional association serving public television licenses and educational institutions with educational content, resources, professional development and management support. It functions in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

“NETA oversees the administrative services for organizations and programming to augment PBS offerings,” Cerny said. “This is a mature organization. Their full-time staff is outstanding and make it easy to fulfill these obligations.”

As secretary, Cerny is responsible for taking the minutes of meetings and ensuring all business matters are in good order.

Representatives are chosen for their ability to lead within the profession, must be recognized by their peers for their commitment to serve and are current general managers within their organizations.

NETA’s main push is education. The association provides content for stations, like KRWG.

KRWG strives to educate and engage community development by providing relevant news, a forum for open discussion and a celebration of the arts while preserving and conveying human and natural history.