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Juárez elementary school teachers to visit NMSU for workshops

WHAT: Teacher workshop

WHO: NMSU College of Education’s Critical Multicultural Educators Organization

WHEN: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. April 18

WHERE: Learning Theater, room OH 104, O’Donnell Hall, 1220 Stewart Street

VISUALS: About 40 elementary school teachers from Juárez who serve low-income areas will participate in five different workshops.

Professors and doctoral students will coach teachers from Juárez and Latin America in the use of engaging and innovative teaching techniques that can be implemented effectively without the need of expensive materials or resources.
Organizers will also seek input from the teachers to consider how the activities can be modified to better suit the individual needs of each teacher.
The workshop sessions will be conducted in Spanish and translators will be provided. Sessions are closed to the public.

Workshops include implementation of critical multicultural skills in elementary classrooms, how to teach victims of violence and what research tells us about education and violence in the Borderland.