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NMSU’s Family and Child Sciences Undergraduate program receives NCFR CFLE approval

New Mexico State University’s Family and Child Sciences undergraduate program has received the Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation from the National Council on Family Relations, meaning program graduates now qualify to complete an abbreviated CFLE application process.

The designation also means students will same time and money over taking the CFLE exam.

“This is a goal I’ve had for a long time,” said Esther Devall, head of the Family and Child Science Department in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. “It’s an important credential in our filed.”

Devall also said the designation will also help students be more competitive in the job market.

“We’re proud that it confirms that we’re offering a great curriculum,” Devall said.

According to the National Council on Family Relations, the designation doesn’t imply accreditation, but “recognizes the inclusion of relevant course work” for each of 10 family life content areas needed for the Provisional Certified Family Life Educator designation.

The council is a member-funded, non-partisan education and professional organization.

For more information, contact Esther Devall at edevall@nmsu.edu, or at 575-646-4100. More information about the Family and Child Sciences program can be found at http://www.fcs.nmsu.edu/.

For more information on the National Council on Family Relations and the CFLE designation, please call Dawn Cassidy at dawncassidy@ncfr.org or 763-231-2882.