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NMSU announces summer research opportunity recipients

NMSU’s College of Arts and Sciences is giving two of its students the opportunity to spend the summer conducting biomedical research at top institutions through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Through a grant with NMSU, the HHMI supports scientific education on campus and invites the university to nominate up to two students for their Exceptional Summer Research Opportunities Program.

The selection of Alejandra Lerma, a dual major in animal science and biology, and Lindsay Redman, a biochemistry student, marks the first time both students nominated by NMSU have been accepted into the program.

“I am really looking forward for this experience, which I am sure is going to make me a more educated researcher,” Lerma said. “I am very grateful to HHMI for opening up this opportunity and I am committed to making the most of it.”

Lerma will be working with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program in Boston, Mass. She will conduct research at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital under Zhe Li, Ph.D. His lab focuses on the developmental biology of cancer and identification of the pathways leading to cell mutation.

“This opportunity is really exciting for me,” Lindsay Redman said. “I will be working for a highly regarded scientist who has done amazing work in his field, so I am honored to be accepted into his lab.”

Redman will travel to Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and participate in a laboratory directed by Stuart Schreiber, Ph.D. The laboratory applies chemistry and biology to the development of a new class of drugs targeting individual cancers.

“While there, I hope to affirm my passion for research that can make a difference and help others, as well as gaining experience working in a setting that is very different from NMSU,” Redman said.

Both students are HHMI Research Scholars currently involved in on-campus research. Lerma is working under Ryan Ashley, Ph.D., in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, and Redman is conducting research under Shelley Lusetti, Ph.D., in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry laboratory.

The goal of the Exceptional Summer Research Opportunities Program is to support the development of a highly-trained and diverse national workforce that will be leaders in the next generation of scientists. For more information on the program, visit http://www.hhmi.org/programs/exceptional-research-opportunities-program.