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Dona Ana County Food Protection Alliance open to community members

The Dona Ana County Food Protection Alliance will host a meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday, May 22, at the Office of Emergency Management, 1170 N. Solano Dr. Suite O.

The alliance is a network of community members, agencies, industry partners and other key stakeholders who work to prevent and better respond to food-borne incidents. The association is open to the public.

“Being prepared for any type of food emergency is so important,” said Karim Martinez, Dona Ana County Extension program director and home economist. “Our group works toward this goal by meeting at least three times a year for networking, training and educational field trips.”

The meeting will include a presentation on the importance of protecting critical infrastructures such as electricity, water supply, food production/distribution and hospitals during emergency situations.

It also will highlight a community outreach program that works with both public and private sectors to help with vital infrastructure needs. The free assistance includes support with planning, training and information sharing, in addition to other services.

For more information contact the Dona Ana County Extension office at 575-525-6649.